Thank You Mr. Comey, Much Appreciated!

The dean of organizational culture, Edgar Schein, teaches that culture has three layers: the artifacts of a culture — our symbols and signs; its espoused values — the things we say we believe; and, most important, its underlying assumptions — the way things really are.
— James Comey: "The President Has Exploited the Power of Racism" August 4, 2019

As some of our readers and friends have seen, James Comey, former FBI Director, contributed an Op Ed in The New York Times August 4 2019. This insightful article by Mr. Comey recognizes Ed as the “dean of organizational culture” and uses our three tier culture model to explain why Trump’s biases (racism) have deep roots in underlying assumptions among some members of our society. We will do our best to stay out of the public debate on Trump’s presidency, but we will certainly applaud this insightful application of our culture theory by a very thoughtful man. Thank You, Mr. Comey!

This public recognition of seminal theory coincides with the very recent publication of our newest book, the 3rd edition of The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, Culture Change Leadership. The three tier culture “structure” model that Mr. Comey references is complemented in this new release by a corollary nested model of culture in “practice”. Further, we emphasize that culture change and leadership are connected reflections of organizational experience that is in continuous and reciprocal movement. Our new work adds many new stories and frameworks that we hope readers will find meaningful and useful. All the best, Peter and Ed